Candid Conversations w/ Client Attraction Connoisseurs September 2021

Each month we give you insight into our business, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Also, give some insight into what we’ve learned from our clients. Plus, so much more…

This month has been crazy on so many levels…

We have several in-person events with our clients and preparing for our virtual bootcamp. We even held our first team day event to pour into our partners.

  • What insights did our coaches have through all the September events ([2:15])
  • What is the determining factor that sets our clients apart from others ([4:45])
  • Advice for our clients to crush the 4th quarter ([11:00])

Let us know your thoughts on this month’s candid conversation with Client Attraction Connoisseurs!

Million Dollar Insights 

Each Tuesday we conduct live streams inside of our Facebook Group, Get Clients Daily. The live streams are free coaching sessions to help you build a 7-Figure coaching business. I want to share one of our favorite live streams from this month.

10 Commandments of Client Attraction) was on August 10th, 2021.

Also, we have our School of Client Attraction Podcast’ that goes live every Monday on all major podcast platforms and our YouTube channel. One of the most downloaded episodes for this month has been [S O C A – EP 67] Should You Run Pics or Video Ads?

Take a listen here.

If you have been connected to our content, you know we post a video every single day.

This month, my Million Dollar Insight comes from ‘The Marketing Strategy That Never Fails’ gave viewers a simple focus to growing their profits while eliminating the revenue rollercoaster.

I want to share it with you in case you missed it.


Books We Read In September

I’ll kick off what I’ve read in the past month…

I’ve read,

The Spook Who Sat By The Door by Sam Greenlee

The Everything Store by Brad Stone

High Output Management by Andrew Grove

Aundrae, our Co-Founder and Head of Client Success, devoured books again this month

The Business of Expertise: How Entrepreneurial Experts Convert Insight to Impact + Wealth by David C. Baker

Marketing to Mindstates: The Practical Guide to Applying Behavior Design to Research and Marketing by Will Leach

Cierra, our Copy and Messaging Coach, was in her books as well.

She read:

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions by John Maxwell

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Event Spotlight

In September, we had several in-person events for our clients.  We had our 7-Figure Society Mastermind Retreat and our Rapid Business Growth Blueprint Bootcamp all in one month.

Each of our events in September we better than our last round of events. At our Rapid Business Growth Bootcamp, we had over 180 attendees which is more than double of our March 2021 event.

Here is a recap from our 7 Figure Society Mastermind Retreat from early September.

If you would like to attend our client-only events, visit to start the easy journey of becoming one of our clients. We’ll love to have you!

Client Spotlight – Ernest Grey and Latoya Smith


Prior to joining CAU, Ernest & LaToya’s business was thriving off of a structure built off of grassroots, where they were able to bring in six figures monthly. Not bad but took so much of their time.

Since Joining CAU, they were are able to take their business to the next level by properly pricing their offer to attract clients who want to pay top dollar for transformation.

Through paid advertising, their exposure has increased as well as the quality of clients

Ernest and LaToya said,

“C.A.U. has given us even more confidence in our ability to effectively impact lives by teaching our skill in the financial markets.”

In 2022 Ernest and LaToya said they want to increase with high-value clientele, which means ad spend, more bookings, and closing, and start to double their monthly business revenue.

Want more clients, profit, freedom, and impact, Apply To Join Client Attraction University.


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