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Are you ready to discover the morning routine that sets Marquel Russell up to make a million dollars before 9 am?

How does he gamify his routine to maximize productivity and success? What key practices does he follow the night before for a powerful start to his day? How does he incorporate wealth consciousness and money consciousness into his daily routine?
Want to learn how to optimize your morning routine for peak productivity and success in your business? Tune in and unlock the secrets to a morning success ritual that could change the game for your business!

Show highlights include:

  • How to make a million dollars before 9 am  [01:01]
  • Every morning starts from the night before! [02:35]
  • The role of optimal sleep for more productive mornings. [03:26]
  • The significance of prayer. [05:45]
  • What if you could transform your daily routine with just five minutes of journaling? [08:26]
  • How to use visual cues and goal setting to align with your future self  [09:38]
  • Learn this effective technique for brain training. [10:27]
  • Harnessing the benefits of meditation! [10:50]
  • Learn how to prepare yourself a morning stack full of wisdom. [11:13]
  • How to use positive affirmations to boost confidence? [12:18]

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