Candid Conversations w/ Client Attraction Connoisseurs June 2021

We’re fresh off an amazing June and we have some insights to share that you can implement today in your coaching and consulting business.

I sat down with Drae and Cierra and had a candid conversation and we decided to share it with you because it was some gems dropped on this one!


Highlights from this month’s episode:

• Why are gurus able to live a lavish lifestyle but can’t teach their clients how to do the same. ([3:30])

• Client Highlights and C.A.U. notables for the month of June ([9:20])

• What are some cool insights from Aundrae, Cierra, and Marquel ([19:30])

• How to schedule your day ([24:00])

Million Dollar Insights 

Each Tuesday we conduct live streams inside of our Facebook Group, Get Clients Daily. The live streams are free coaching sessions to help you build a 7-Figure coaching business. I want to share one of our favorite live streams from this month.

Free Marketing Reviews for June 29th, 2021

Also, we have our School of Client Attraction Podcast’ that goes live every Monday on all major podcast platforms and our YouTube channel. One of the most downloaded episodes for this month has been ‘How to Featured on Popular Podcasts, Shows, and Events’

Take a listen here.

If you have been connected to our content, you know we post a video every single day.

This month my interview on ‘Social Proof Podcast’ with host David Shands was amazing. Every time we link up, it is always a great time and insightful for the viewers. (Well, that’s what the audience says.)

I want to share with you the entire conversation in case you missed it.


Books We Read In June

Drae Cierra Marquel

I’ll kick off what I’ve read in the past month…

I’ve read,

Conversations With God Book 1 by Neale Donald Walsh

Power Questions by Andrew Sobel

Guts to Abs by Jay Jackson

Aundrae, our Co-Founder and Head of Client Success, took it light this month on the books. He devoured.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chorpa

The Way of The Superior Man by David Deida

Cierra, our Copy and Messaging Coach, was in her books as well.

She read:

Success Affirmations by Jack Canfield
How To Own Your Own Mind by Napoleon Hill
Succeeding Againsty All Odds – John H. Johnson

Event Spotlight

This month, we held our usual 7-Figure Society Mastermind. This time around, this was our best retreat for our 7-Figures Society Mastermind retreat.  Our clients showed up and were served at a high level with our coaches.

Check out a quick recap of the event shot and edited by LRP Flimz.  It is also posted on our YouTube Channel.

If you want to attend one of our client-only events… visit to grab the training and bonus videos. Schedule a call for more info if you’re interested.

Client Spotlight – Auguste Crenshaw

Auguste has been a Business Coach in the online arena since 2016.

She went from making no money in my business for an entire year to hitting my first 10K month in January 2018. She stopped driving for Uber and work my business full-time.

She revealed to me that she was proud of her journey but wasn’t sure about doing everything in her business.

She revealed…

My approach was predominately organic; I did some ads. I have made good money in my business, but it still lacked systems and consistent income.

I have done it all: low ticket, premium group programs, 1-1 coaching, and hosted summits. I have a great tribe and steady income but not what I desired.

When she became a proud member of CAU, she’s been beyond excited. In the first two weeks, she locked in her first $24K package and received a 50% payment upfront.

She also revealed…

I use to dibble and dabble in ads, and now I have a real strategy, and leads are coming in daily. I have so much more clarity, and the formation of my business is much more crisp and tight. I am indeed positioned for a radical transformation and will generate $100K monthly.

Now, her systems are all in order, and she has the metrics to make this possible and not just lip service. She is learning to position herself to run a company, not create an entreprejob.

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