Maybe you’ve noticed this strange thing about entrepreneurs too? 

Marquel just droppin’ by. 

For some strange reason…

Entrepreneurs think being “busy” automatically means their business is “growing”. 

But from what I’ve seen over the last few years taking our clients to over $1 billion in revenue…

Nine times outta ten, that ain’t the case.

Usually, the only thing being busy gets you is missing out on time with your family.  

To me?

Being “busy” – especially when you’re under $50k a month

Is usually just a sign that something ain’t right. 

Think about it… 

If busy MEANT successful? 

Then millionaires would ALWAYS be busier than people working 9 to 5s (yet they often work MUCH less than 8 hours a day). 

And billionaires like Oprah Winfrey…

Elon Musk…

And Jay Z…

…would need more than 24 hours every day just to keep up with their success. 


Busy just means busy. 

But if you wanna be PROFITABLE?

If you wanna grow your business FAST? 

It ain’t about getting busier and busier as times goes on.


It’s about making the RIGHT moves so you can do LESS.

What are the “right moves”?

Well, that’s the stuff we save for our clients so that they get an advantage over everyone else in the industry right now. 

We still got space if you’re interested in joining them? 

It’s not for everyone. 

I know some people love the hustle n’ grind too much and they want the world to see them working 10 hours a day. 

But if you want MORE results in LESS time? 

If you want to grow your business to $15k… $30k… $50k/mo and up? 

…while doing 50% less? 

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Marquel Russell

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