A lot of times when people first come to us, their biggest problem is they feel like they’re stuck with BAD fit clients. 

Either they ain’t got the money. 

Or they expect the world for pennies on the dollar.

And any time they don’t get results? 

They blame the coach. 


Honestly? I don’t got time for clients like that anymore. 

And YOU shouldn’t be putting up with them either. 

“Okay Marquel, but how do I get away from BAD clients and  start attracting HIGH-QUALITY clients… TODAY?

You just gotta walk the walk you’re tryna sell. 

Lemme explain real quick. 

A while back, I had a guy hit me up who was trying to sell a $10k offer. 

He complained nobody was buying. 

And after a long list of reasons why he thinks he’s getting no interest. 

I asked him if he’d ever invested in a $10k program himself. 

“Naw. I’d never invest that kinda money.” 


Hold up. 

So you’re tryna SELL a $10k offer… 

But you’d never BUY a $10k offer? 

That kinda attitude just ain’t gonna work out here these days. 

You can’t expect people to invest $3k – $30k with you, if you’re never willing to do it for yourself. 

We can get woo-woo about it and say that if you’re projecting that kinda energy out into the universe, you only gonna attract the same kinda energy. 


But the straight up fact is… 

These days?

Good clients can sense it on you. 

They KNOW when they’re dealing with someone who isn’t walkin the walk. 

And if you’re tryna SELL that walk to them… while sitting on the sidelines? 

They’re gonna keep moving until they find someone who’s acting in alignment with what they’re doing. 

If you get this AND act on it, you’ll never struggle again. 


Now listen – I ain’t saying you gotta invest with us right now to turn this around.

Plenty of ways you can put yourself on the right tracks. 

But if you want to start attracting the kinda clients who drop $10k paid-in-full on ya without putting up a single objection? 

We should talk. 


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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