You know them, maybe you’re one of them.

Legit experts who can legit help people improve their lives, health, wealth, relationships, or business.

They start with a huge drive.

They understand they have a solution people will pay for.

They get a client or two and crush it.

Their process delivers results.

Their clients are happy.

Their “thing” works.


As they focus on serving clients, their leads’ pipeline goes a little dry.

They get stuck at three, five, ten grand a month.

When they want to go beyond that, things get interesting…

“🙏🏻 just one more referral this month will do.”

“Maybe it’s time to really work those DMs”

“If I just spoke on such and such podcasts, clients would roll in.”

“Wait… maybe it’s time to ‘pivot’”

“Should I try that MLM again?”

“Should I go back to 9-5 and fight for that promotion?”

“Maybe there’s not really that many people who need my help?”

“Maybe there’s not enough premium buyers for what I do?”

And so it is that a perfectly capable, highly trained, customer oriented coach and consultant starts to crack under the tough realization that:

Without a proven and reliable Client Attraction System that generates leads and turns them into premium clients…

… No expert can realize their full potential.

… No one can rely on their expertise as a real business.

… No true 💵 freedom will ever be on sight.

That’s why we do what we do.

After perfecting the art of building Client Attraction Systems, it’s almost our “moral responsibility” to do it for others.

Over $1 Billion in sales for our clients back us up, and we’d love to help you too.

That’s why we’re doing the upcoming Wealthy Black Coach 5-Day Business Sprint!


Many of you are going to register now at , show up and leave with a PERSONAL BLUEPRINT to attract 5 High-End Clients Every Single Week on Auto-Pilot!


The bad news?

Some of you want. You’ll find some excuse not to RSVP (even though I’m paying for your ticket), do the pre-work, show up everyday, present and ready to implement and get results!


You get to choose! 🙂


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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