Did you know that 8 out of every 10 infidelities start at work?

And that more than half of workers admit to having had an affair with a colleague?

I don’t condone it, and I’m loyal and faithful to my Queen, however there’s a reason for this…

And you can use it in marketing.

Here’s the thing…

Nature has made it INEVITABLE for us to BOND with people who we SEE OFTEN.

That’s mainly why family bonds tend to be so strong. It’s got less to do with “blood line” or genes, and more with the fact that we just see them often.

Colleagues see each other daily (some people spend more time at work than at home) and so those “special” feelings towards coworkers are almost inevitable.

Why do so many people cheat with their couple’s best friend or cousin?…

Same thing. They probably hang out often all together. If people hang out daily with their couple and with that friend or cousin… Thing’s will probably happen.

Again, I’m not condoning it, but it’s also not my opinion…

Those are biological facts.

So, what does it have to do with marketing?

Well, you see me posting several times a day, emailing daily, going live weekly on our Facebook group, and so on right?

Well, marketing theory says that I’m staying “top of mind” – which is true…

But most importantly, I’m making it inevitable for “my people” to bond with me.

And, when that happens, getting attention, earning trust, doing marketing and making sales become easier.

I heard a marketing OG once say:

“I only send emails when I want to make money.”


So, how often do you want to make money?


Then show up daily in people’s inbox or social feed and cool things will happen to your bank account.

To More profit, Freedom & Impact,


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”