You know what confuses the heck out of people, 

Listening to every marketer under the sun have different definitions of what an “irresistible offer” actually means.

This is easily the single biggest point of confusion in this space, so imma break it down for you real simple.

The simplest definition of an offer is:

“An offer is what people get plus what they have to do to get it.”


The more they get and the least they have to do to get it (both financially, mentally, time wise, energetically) the better the offer is.

And, the “what they get” is not the workshop recordings, or the 10 modules, or the checklists… but the outcome they are after (the body, the lover, the , the end of an addiction, etc.)



There are also “dials” to an offer. The dials are:

Speed of results

Certainty of results

Magnitude of the results

➤ And amount of Effort (energy, time, investment) needed

For example, a perfect business opportunity offer — with all the dials to the max — would be a program that makes someone one biIIion dollars, with 100% certainty, in one second, and it costs $1 to get it.

This is never possible, but this is where you come in and play with the offer dials.

When crafting an offer (especially if you want it to be “irresistible”) you add stuff to the mix that maximizes those dials.

You add support staff if it reduces the effort needed to get the result.

You add templates if they increase the speed of results.

You add guarantees if they increase the certainty of results.

You add coaching calls if they increase the magnitude of results.

So on and so forth…

In short, you don’t just put something together and add “stuff” to it, thinking that MORE is more irresistible.

You add stuff to an offer that makes it quicker, easier, more certain to work… and THAT’s what makes it good.

Pro tip: An easy place to start is with Effort and Speed.


Because you probably already have templates, checklists, plans, SOPs, intellectual property, “something,” that makes things easier for YOU.

Then? You just package those things for your clients, and you’ve saved them time and effort to get to where they want to go.

For example, that’s what we did with the upcoming Client Attraction Made Easy Workshop.

We can’t maximize “certainty” of results in this case, because people can join and do nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We can’t maximize “magnitude” in this case, because people can join and do the thing, but still play small.

What we DID maximize was “effort” and “speed.”

In ONE day, you get the full marketing and sales blueprint you’ll ever need to attract leads and clients consistently and predictably to your coaching business.

No need to piece together what you learned on one email here, from one webinar there, from one book over there, and create a frankenfunnel…

No need to do a 5-day challenge, or binge for months on YouTube videos to get what you need…

==> One day. Everything.

Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”