If I asked you…

Would you rather have freedom or certainty?

What would you say?

No right or wrong answer here, just pause what you’re doing for a minute and think about it.



It’s critical that you know YOUR answer to this “philosophical” question, because it’s at the heart of entrepreneurship.

Most people will think, and even say they value freedom… when they really value certainty.


How can you tell?

… Because most people stick to the system, go to school, get a job, aim for a raise… cuz it’s “safer” and more certain (… I guess).

… If they do start a business, they WAY overthink things… trying to be “certain” of the outcome before making a move.

… They check their bae’s phone to see what’s up… to be certain that he/she’s not talking to someone else.

Freedom is almost the opposite of all of that.

I won’t speak for others, but for myself as an example.

I truly value freedom over anything in the world.


There’s no way you can keep me working under some supervisor, for someone else’s goals, with a salary cap…

I 100% rather be free, do my own thing, and figure things out.

I’m OK with taking risks and making decisions with unknown outcomes. That’s the whole point of entrepreneurship!

And yea… I don’t check my queen’s phone, nor does she check mine:)

In that case, freedom comes from trust. I trust her, and free myself from worry.

Makes sense?

And again, it’s OK to value certainty. Some people would be miserable, sleepless, and live in constant anxiety if they were forced into entrepreneurship.

Freedom comes with a price.

… Entrepreneurship it’s NOT for everyone.

But if it’s for you?

>>> Talk to us.


We’ve somehow managed to make business success almost certain for coaches and consultants… which in turn creates freedom for them.

I’ve lost count of the times we’ve heard: “Marquel! I’m making more while working less.”

Ahhh… freedom is certainly nice!;)

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Talk to you soon,


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”