Last year we ran an event called Ca$hflow Factory.

 If there was ever a “Black Inc. 500,” it was pretty close to it.

 It was mind-blowing to see it all come together! So many high-caliber entrepreneurs sharing their ABSOLUTE best stuff so openly… it’s actually hard to describe.

 After the final session, we opened one last round of Q&A and one of the questions we got was: “How do you guys measure success?”

 And, in our case it boils down to: Transformation.

Both in business AND internally.


Yes we’ve helped our clients generate mid-9-figures at this point, yes they brag about crazy ROIs, and 5-figure days, and 6-figure months…

 …  But the way our clients get those results is not “just” by having a 7-figure funnel.

 It’s also by becoming the kind of entrepreneur who can operate a 7-figure funnel.

 In other words, the tool is as good as the operator.

 You can give a master carpenter a blunt chisel and an old hammer, and you’ll still get a great piece of furniture.

 You give me the best chisel and hammer in the world, and I won’t make a birdhouse to save my life lol.

 Same in business. You give an undeveloped entrepreneur the best funnel in the world, and they’ll say it doesn’t work, and pivot to NFTs tomorrow.

 You give me just a phone and internet and you can bet I’ll get bread. #facts

 Make sense?

So at CAU, we measure success by how much further ahead are our clients in their personal progress as entrepreneurs from working with us.

 Ultimately, an expert-based business is a reflection of the business owner.

 So, if we focus on the transformation of the person, the transformation of the business follows. And with it? The money.

 Is that something you’d like for yourself?


==> Yes! I’m Ready For Rapid Growth


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”