In today’s episode, Marquel dives deep into the topic of aligning your mindset and integrity to attract ideal clients and reach financial prosperity.

Your mind can sometimes play tricks on you, affecting your life and business.  From charging the right prices to being a client who takes action, Marquel discusses the importance of staying in alignment to achieve success.

Grab your headphones and get ready for some powerful insights on mindset and client attraction. Let’s get started!

Show highlights include:

  • How the concept of mindset and alignment can affect success in business  [00:02:20]
  • The secret to attracting high-paying, decisive clients  [00:03:13]
  • How does “karmic debt” and financial issues play a role in one’s business and personal life?  [00:04:40]
  • Are you merely reciting affirmations or truly embodying a positive mindset?  [00:06:05]

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