“Why am I busy making a living, when I could be making a fortune?”

Ever get all ready to put on your favorite shirt, only to find out it doesn’t fit anymore?

The buttons are holding on for dear life.

That spot right around your armpits feels like you’re rocking a straight-jacket.

But back in the day when you bought that shirt … it was fly and the fit was right.

So, what happened?

Well, you just outgrew it!

And, the same happens in business.


Most people settle with a salary and a 9-5… stay contained within their job description, with their salary cap, their hierarchy…

But a small number of people outgrow their jobs!

They realize their expertise, side hustle, or even hobby can be monetized, with no income limit!


In other words, they get hit by THE question:

“Why am I busy making a living, when I could be making a fortune?”


This is what happened to Marques Young.

He spent 13(!) years working in corporate America.

The last 8 of those years were with a nice six-figure salary… for a job he had outgrown (even hated.)


Back then he had 2 choices:

➊ Keep clocking into his six-figure monotony, and be content making a nice living…

➋ Or trying to make a fortune doing something he LOVED!


He chose #2!

And, if you want to make the same choice as him << join me here! >>


Not so much because of the “fortune” part — which is not guaranteed, but at least possible, unlike in a job…

But he chose #2 for the “doing something he LOVED” part — which is 100% your choice. The fortunes FOLLOW!

Luckily for him and us, our paths crossed and…


Fast forward a couple of years and Marques used our Client Attraction System to grow his profits to the level that he was able to quit corporate America.

✅ No more worrying about climbing the corporate ladder.

✅ No more power games between colleagues.

✅ No more working around the clock to make someone else’s dream come true.


He left his very nice salary and now runs his business full-time while supporting his family, doing what he loves — making work feel less like “work.”


Do you need help doing the same?

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Fortunes not guaranteed!…

But at least WAY more probable than in a 9-5;) #facts


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”