Back when I first started my business, I had the same goals as everyone else.

I wanted a better life.

I wanted the clothes I saw my favorite rappers and athletes wearing. 

I wanted the fast cars and the big mansion.

And I wanted to prove to everyone out there who doubted me that I could build something MYSELF. 

That I wasn’t just gonna end up as another guy fixing potholes and landscaping the highways for the city. 


But now?

It’s the little moments for me.

Like being able to take a vacation whenever we feel like it…

Like taking a random day off (without asking permission) so I can attend an out of state field trip tour with Mj and his 3rd grade class…

Like being able to treat my family to whatever they want, without having to check the price-tag and do math in my head to figure out if I can afford it.


Don’t get me wrong… 

There are a LOT of reasons I do what I do…

But those little moments definitely motivate me:-)

And I want you to think about what motivates YOU right now?

Maybe it’s being able to quit your job.

Maybe it’s being able to travel more often and enjoy new experiences.

Maybe it’s upgrading your car, your house, or just setting yourself up financially for the rest of your life. 

Or maybe it’s those little slices of heaven like me?


In my opinion:

They don’t understand their own value.

And as a result…

They have no way of making their potential clients see their value either.

Think about it like this:

If you have a diamond ring that YOU believe is only worth $1,000…

…what are your chances of being able to sell it to somebody else for $10,000?

Not very high, right?

Because it’s a mindset thing.


Whatever it is…

I want you to really think about it.

Then DECIDE if it’s just something you like to dream about…

Or if you actually WANT it!

Because if you DO want it?

I have a proven plan to help you get there.

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Marquel Russell

King of Client Attraction



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