I’ve been working on the slides for the next masterclass, and I’m telling you…

You’re going to love it!


I’ll be covering:

👉 What to use in your messaging to make sure you attract the RIGHT clients, and REPEL the wrong ones.

👉 How to use your organic posts to make ads MORE effective (secret sauce!)

👉 The simple 5x5x25 strategy we recommend for coaches who are starting out with paid ads to get the most bang for their buck.

👉 What to write in those ads, and what creatives to use depending on who they are targeted for.

🔥 How to qualify to get $500 on ad spend, on us

👉 And more!…

So, join me LIVE in a few days — February 24th, at 12 PM EST 📆 — as I share with you:

>>> “The Hybrid Marketing Strategy That Gets Coaches Maximum Leads And Clients In Minimum Time”

See you in a couple days?


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”