One of my lil bro’s (who’s 26) just sent me this text:

“Name 6 things at 26 if you could go back and correct you would do it to the T”

Dropping my reply here also just Incase it can help someone (I also just realized, as I’m making this post, he only asked for 6 😂)

1. Hire a therapist and keep them on retainer

2. Hire a personal trainer

3. Have a plant-based diet

-On top of having a plant-based diet, read the labels of everything I eat and if I can’t pronounce the ingredients or know what they are don’t eat it and minimize refined sugar (eliminate if possible) and processed foods!

4. Drink a gallon of water per day

5. Learn to do online Paid Adverting (example: FB, IG and YouTube ads)

6. Start a high ticket coaching program

7. Travel more (ATLeast somewhere quarterly at minimum)

8. More dope experiences (experiences are more valuable than things in my opinion)

9. Meditate daily

10. Learn how to manage and grow money (making money is one thing, managing and growing it is an entirely different skillet)

Bonus: Read more books 📚
Which one(s) you like or would add to this list?