Me (looking at a client’s numbers):  “So you did $83,450 in December?”

Them: “Yep!”

Me: “Sooooooo, why is this the first time I’m hearing about this?!”

Client: “Well, you know the numbers don’t excite me like that anymore!”

We normalizing MiIIion Dollar businesses around here!



I can’t blame them.

After all, I’M the one who tells them…

Client: “Yo, Marquel! We did 20k this month!”

Me: “Sorry, bro. We’ll do better next time;)”


And I’M the one who tells them…

Client: “Man, I’ve been thinking of [insert something ‘expensive’ here. A new car. A cruise, etc…]”

Me: “So? Why don’t you have it then? That’s JUST three clients at your price point… You know that, right?”

Client: “Damn, if you put it like that! lol”


Not only do we normalize ‘abnormal’ results around here.

We also normalize your relationship with ‘abnormal’ amounts of money.

We help you think AND operate in abundance – both of which are critical for the other.

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Marquel Russell

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