First off, there’s soooooo much to unpack from this movie, however, I’m going to limit this post to just three insights that you can implement in your business immediately.

I’m also going to watch it again. It’s definitely one I highly recommend.

Also, one of the insights has nothing to do with the brotha snitching…we’ve heard the story of our people killing us from the inside more times than I care to remember (think Dr. King, Malcolm X, and Marcus Garvey – just to name a few).

So here are my insights…

#1. The Power of Focusing On Your Target Audience With Magnetic Messaging.

What was really cool to me was that Fred didn’t only mobilize black people, he also had white people and Hispanics down with the movement.

This is how the white FBI agent was able to get into the one meeting (hence the reason I chose this pic) was because there were other white people there.

He didn’t focus on the color of the people…

He focused on the common problem they were having (regardless of white, black, and Hispanic) and the common enemy they had (the pigs ).

This is why he walked into the one meeting with the white people, with the confederate flag, and commanded their attention because of his MESSAGING!

Want your ideal clients to follow you and hang on to every word like they’re handing from a cliff?

In Blair Warren’s book, “The One Sentence Persuasion Course – 27 Words to Make the World Do Your Bidding” he states…

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.”

Read that again…(especially the last 7 words).

#2. The Power Of Having Someone Outside The Frame (ie. A Coach).

At the very beginning of the movie…

A young lady walked up to Fred and gave him some insight into his speech.

Typically someone with the “success” of Fred is used to having people praise them and having “yes” men around them…

So to have someone come critique him was different (and she did it the right way by the way – huge leadership lesson there if you watch closely).

If you listen closely she also told him how he could say the same exact thing without offending the same people he’s trying to mobilize (going back to the messaging).

She actually ended up becoming the mother of his heir (not surprisingly)!

This is why having a coach is so powerful.

#3. Having A Mission & Unified Purpose

This is important to have in your marketing and client-facing material as well as your company communication and culture.

When others can see your mission and purpose and see themselves in it and it means something to them, they will get down with it and support it by any means necessary (and we saw many examples of this in the movie).

I know I said THREE, however, this is a BONUS (overdelivering is kinda my thing)…

Show Some Discipline!

One of the biggest things the Panthers were on (as we saw from Brother Fred) was DISCIPLINE!

Especially when it comes down to how they handle their emotions. If someone can get you mad they can control you.

You heard them say this to each other a couple of times… even when the police came and arrested Fred for allegedly stealing $70 worth of ice cream and he did 2-5 years for it.

His lady was bucking on the officers (and rightfully so) and Fred stayed calm and told her…

“Show Some Discipline!”

I swear that statement alone is a whole nother post in itself.

I’m curious to hear your insights from the movie if you’ve seen it already?

Or let me know what you think about these (even if you disagree).

Looking forward to hearing (well seeing) your thought in the comments?

P.S. All power to the people!