“No one would ever give you that much money.”

Have you heard or thought that before?

Well that’s that the Pelicans’ GM said about Lonzo Ball…

And the next thing you know, the Bulls are dropping $85M for the kid.

The NBA free agency season is here and there is no shortage of money being spent on players’ contracts.

One of the recent free agent signings that caught my attention was Lonzo Ball.

You may know him from playing basketball and/or his supportive yet boastful dad Lavar Ball.

Lonzo signed a four year deal for $85 million dollars with the storied franchise, Chicago Bulls after leaving the New Orleans Pelicans. 

Earlier in the year… Lonzo fired his agent at the time to hire Rich Paul (LeBron James’ childhood friend turned sports mogul). 

Rich Paul quickly sought a deal with the Pelicans for four years and $80M. 

The Pelicans GM turned down their offer and told them, “No one would ever give you that much money.”

The Pelicans didn’t see Zo’s value but the Chicago Bulls did to the tune of $85M. 

Here are a couple of Million Dollar Insights we can draw from Lonzo Ball’s experience.

#1 Selling high-ticket coaching is all about value… people will pay top dollar when they see your value. 

If you can talk and type… you can sell high-ticket coaching. 

Lonzo had the best season of his career this past year with the Pelicans and they still didn’t want to hand over the bag. 


Because they couldn’t see his true value to their team and organization.

Remember, price is only an issue in the absence of value. 

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#2 Every successful coach should have a coach. Ever heard a doctor who doesn’t have a doctor of their own? I haven’t either. 

Lonzo hired Rich Paul to coach him up on how to position his value just in time for the NBA free agency season. 

Not only did Rich Paul help Lonzo focus solely on playing basketball but Rich was able to secure $5M more than his original offer. 

Hiring the right coach could be the subtle difference between you working 30 years for a petition that may not be there at the end of the tunnel… 

Or… creating the wealth you desire and deserve to experience true freedom all while making an impact.  


To More Profit, Freedom & Impact

Marquel Russell