Tammi and Sheldon Brown share their biggest breakthroughs from working with us:


“Number one, Marquel is such a man of good faith; a man of God. And that right there was paramount for us.

Number two, we were burned out. We were working long hours, long days, just to make three or four grand a week, or even a month sometimes.

I found myself half sleeping, trying to run this business, having a hard time getting in front of people. I mean, I was on Facebook going live, posting flyers…

I was at the point where I was at a funeral passing out flyers trying to get some leads… laughable but I’m very serious.

Another coach referred to Marquel who I didn’t know even existed at the time and I was like ‘listen, I need help.’

He said, ‘bet, how much do you want to make?’ I said, ‘right now we’re doing about 4 k a month… so I don’t know… 20 k? That would be nice’. He was like, ‘I got you.’

Let me tell you, this year we almost made three million…

All I can tell you is Marquel will take you for ‘rags to riches.’ For real, all jokes aside. I’m so serious.

Now, I’m only working about maybe four to six hours a week on my my trucking company. I can go on vacation when I want to go. I got a cute little bag now and do some other investments, you know?

And I’m just excited. I’ve never lived like this before and I’m 53 years old. So I’m, I’m just excited and can’t wait see what the next year brings for us.”

See? We ain’t playing when I say you can make more AND work less.

In this case A LOT more, and A LOT less… but Tammi and Sheldon’s results are not typical.

And, most of the credit goes to them anyway, for having a great program for a unique niche.

They just needed some marketing and business “pixie dust” and boom! 💥


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Marquel Russell

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PS: Both Tammi and Sheldon are over 50 so… age is not an excuse to not be crushing it.

In fact, a lot of our best clients have been “seasoned” folks. They just less entitled, less know-it-alls, more coachable, and get things done!

Which is the perfect (and simple) recipe to do well in business.

Just choose your mentors wisely and follow instructions;)

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