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In today’s day and age, it seems that if you aren’t ‘hustling’ 20 hours a day, 365 days a year like Gary Vee or Grant Cardone then some of the “Disciples” that preach the “Gospel of Hustle” will make you feel like you’re not going to be successful. 

I’ve even heard some say you shouldn’t even take vacations! LOL!!

There philosophy is “If you’re enjoying some of your favorite hobbies or sleep at 3am then you’re simply not putting the ‘work’ in and you’re destined to fail.

Now don’t get me wrong, hustle and late nights do have their place, but some entrepreneurs have blown this way out of proportion and now they find themselves trapped in the “Work Way To Hard, For Way Too Little Matrix” and in today’s episode I’ve come to set the record straight (Yes, even it makes some people mad)!

I actually used to think this way until I was “awaken” and now have other ideas and views on the term ‘hustle’ which I share in today’s episode.

Today’ you’re going to learn why most people end up burned out from working way too much and how you can use leverage to your advantage to give you more time freedom,

Show Highlights:

  • Marquel’s philosophy on life and creating freedom ([2:10])
  • Why working long hours will eventually backfire on you ([2:30])
  • How to move your business forward in 3 steps per day ([3:40])
  • Working hard VS working smart ([6:00])

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