So I just got back from my 1st quarter vacation with my family and we had a blast (I’ll share some pics in a sec). We went to Las Vegas Red Rock Canyon - Meditationand while there we made the 2.5 hour drive to see the amazing Grand Canyon, the 45 minute drive to experience the epic Hoover Dam and we also got to see the mind blowing Red Rock Canyon.

For the last couple of years, I’ve made a commitment to do a quarterly vacation with my family and these trips serve two purposes:

Purpose #1: Of course spend quality time with the family while exposing my kids to different things. This assist them with thinking much bigger.

Purpose #2: For me to take the time to do as one of my mentors say “reflect and project.” In other words, I review(reflect) on the quarter that just passed and then I plan(project) the upcoming quarter.

Now before I share my strategy for planning Q2 and any quarter for that matter, here are some of the pics from our adventure:

*If you’d rather not see the pics, you can just skip them and scroll down to the bottom.

Here’s our first pic once we first got to the Las Vegas Airport:

las vegas airport

Here’s a pic of us at The Grand Canyon on Day 1:

grand canyon

This is a pic down into the Grand Canyon (honestly the pics do it no justice – you have to see it in person)

grand canyon

In Vegas they have this really “interesting” strip called “Freemont Street” a.k.a “The Freemont Experience and we decided to pay it a visit on Day 2. Here’s a few pics:

Freemont St. Experience

Here’s my 4 year old, Mj with Skye, Chase and Marshall from the Paw Patrol (My 3 year old Ro-Ro decided to stay away from this pic lol)

Freemont Experience - Paw Patrol

Here’s my oldest son, Que’ and my two nephews with Black Panther and Deadpool..

Freemont Experience - Black Panther - Deadpool

Here’s my daughter, son, nephew and I before Zip Lining down Freemont St…

Freemont Experience - Zip Lining

While checking out The Magic Show on Freemont St, one of my nephews was picked out the crowd to participate in the Magic Show (the magician was amazing by the way):

freemont experience - magic show

On Day 3 we went down to check out the Hoover Dam, but the resort we were staying at had a Easter Egg Hunt for the kids, so here’s Mj and Ro-Ro with the Easter Bunny! Is it me, or does the Easter Bunny look a little hung over from hanging out in Vegas?

Hilton Grand Vacations - Easter

Here’s a few pics from the Hoover Dam… (this one has the Memorial Bridge in the background). It’s insanely high. I have another pic of it below.

Hoover Dam

Here’s a pic of us with the Hoover Dam and the mountains in the background…
(By the way, a lot of people love the t-shirts…I can take NO CREDIT! It was totally the Genius of my Queen 🙂 )

Hoover Dam

Here’s a pic of The Memorial Bridge that sits over the Hoover Dam:

The bridge sits at a dizzying 880 feet over the Colorado River, it is the second-highest bridge in the United States and the highest concrete-arch bridge anywhere.

Hoover Dam - Memorial Bridge

This is a pic of the Hoover Dam itself…

Hoover Dam

This is a pic of us 576 ft. underground, during the tour where we saw the generators etc. that fuels all the machinery that makes the Hoover Dam function.

We were literally inside of the mountain that you see in the above pics. It was truly Engineering and Innovation at it’s finest. 

Hoover Dam Tour

On Day 4, we went down to the amazing Red Rock Canyon. When I say “amazing” that’s a total understatement
(this is a pic of us at the entrance):

Red Rock Canyon

This is a pic of us in front of the Red Rock mountains. As you can see the mountains really are RED! And NO, this isn’t a green screen, even though it kinda look likes it is…

Red Rock Canyon

This is a pic of my 3 year old, Ro-Ro and I hiking through the Red Rock Canyon. As you can see he is quite the character and this is definitely one of my favorite pics lol

Me and Ro-Ro Red Rock Canyon

This is me getting my GQ pose on in the Red Rock Canyon. This is my wife’s favorite pic (it actually made her screen saver on her phone and she mentioned getting it printed out for framing – YAY Me! 🙂 ) Photo Credit goes to my 14 year old, Que’. 

Red Rock Canyon - My Queen's Favorite Pic

To wrap up our Adventure, we had dinner at the “Top Of The World” restaurant on the 106th floor of the Stratosphere Hotel. It slowly rotates as you eat and you can see the entire city…

Top Of The World Restaurant Las vegas

After dinner, we went up to the 109th floor (the roof top) where we saw people bungee jump from the roof (I’ll pass on that) and we could see the entire city. I think it was a great way to wrap it out. Here’s that pic…

Stratosphere - Las Vegas

This adventure was a pretty amazing experience to say the least and I’m grateful to be able to share this with my family and expose my kids to this at such a young age to get them thinking much bigger as they grow up!


The way I was able to create this lifestyle for my family, was learning How To Plan Each Quarter like a Boss, so I’m going to share that with you now so you have the same Power! 🙂


Now there’s 2 Parts to Planning A Highly Productive and Prosperous Quarter and here they are:


How To Plan Q2 Like A Boss 🙂 


Keep in mind, the title of this article is “How to Plan Q2 Like A Boss” but you can use the same strategy to plan any quarter. I just wrote this going into Q2.

I even have my kids do a more abbreviated version of this when we’re on our vacations. Let’s Get 2 It…First off, planning for a future quarter starts with a review:

Step #1: Wins

A lot of times we get so caught up on our goals, that we don’t focus on the wins and accomplishments we’ve already had. Oprah says,

Here are a few of my wins from the first quarter:

+Dropped some weight
+Worked out consistently
+Took My Queen to see the “Set it Off” Stage Play (had amazing seats)
+Discovered Blood Type and committed to Plant Based Diet
+Took the family to Vegas, Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon
+Put Mj in Flag Football
+Put Ro-Ro in Soccer
+Hosted first quarter 5FMM Bootcamp(this is an event for clients only)
+Hired Bianca (my new amazing Business Manager)
+Hired Mike to help build sales team
+Brought on Jonathan, our New Enrollment Coach.
+Co-Hosted Internet Monetization Mastery Live Event with G.Bass
+Spoke at G.Bass’ Mastermind in Miami
+Got tickets to take Mj and Ro-Ro to Disney Dance Tour in Chattanooga
+Got tickets for me and the boys to go to The PowerNetworking Conference in July
+Completed and Published my new book, 7 Saturdays
I could go on, but I think you get the picture, right? What are some of yours? Drop them in the comment section below.

Step #2: Lessons Learned
+Don’t depend on one platform to run paid ads (this was actually more of a reminder)
+Everything that’s healthy eating for you, may not be the same for 
Others (eating based on blood type)
+Just hire other people for the stuff you aren’t already amazing at. 
That is how you collapse time. If you have a specific goal you’re looking to hit, every month, you’re not hitting that goal, it’s costing you that much money.

Here’s what I mean…If your goal is to make $20k per month, every month that goes by and you don’t make $20k per month, it cost you $20k per month.


So if you let a whole year go by and you don’t make $20k per month consistently, that just cost you $240k for those 12 months.

This is why I regularly invest in coaches to help me collapse time and get results faster. If you’d like my person help getting $10k, $20k or more, go here and schedule a call (you can also see some of our Success Stories).


Step #3: Vacations/Trips
+Las Vegas
+Arizona (Grand Canyon)
+Hoover Dam
+Red Rock Canyon

Step #4: Books Read & Courses Completed

-Crushing It by Gary Vee
-How To Write Copy The Pierces Hearts by Apryl Beverly
-How To Write Copy That Sells by Ray Edwards
-The Practicing Mind by Thomas M. Sterner
-Miseducation Of The Negro by Carter G. Woodson
-Rise & Grind by Daymond John
-Rev. Ike’s Secrets For Health, Happiness & Prosperity for YOU
-Eat Right For Your Blood Type by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo

-Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

These are just to name a few. I’ve read some and listened to some on Audible. Also in full disclosure, some of them I haven’t fully completed and there are others I didn’t add to the list because I couldn’t think of them right off as I sit at the desk and create this article.

Also there are no courses listed, because I’m at the point in my business and life, where I feel it’s just more beneficial for me, to just hire coaches to assist with specific parts of my business growth. I just like to accelerate the growth of my business.

Step #5: # Of New Clients Enrolled

Step #6: Sales Revenue
Step #7: Cash Collected

Step #8: Ad Spend

I don’t want to come off as bragging, so I won’t list the numbers from #5-#8 here, so let’s look at Step #9 and then dive into How To Plan Q2…

Step #9: Did you hit your expected goals in Q1?

If not, why not? What can you do to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself in Q2?

For me, I know I hired coaches for Q1 that helped out big time. If you’re not where you want to be, I always suggest hiring a coach. Even if it’s not me, get with someone. If you want to see if we’re a good fit to work together, you can schedule a call here.

If you haven’t checked out my free training where I reveal the perfect business model and how to attract $3,000 – $10,000 clients, you can check it out here.

Phase 2: The Planning

Step #1: What are your goals for Q2?

(these are in no particular order)

Step #2: What’s your action plan to make these goals a reality?

-Break them down into daily, weekly and monthly action plans.

Step #3: How do you plan to reward yourself and your family by hitting these goals?
-It could be weekly massages or trips to the movies
-Maybe a vacation
-Or whatever?

Step #4: How do you plan to incorporate the lessons learned from Q1 into Q2 to make you more effective, productive etc.?

I have my kids write down their wins from the quarter before, their lessons learned and their Top 5 goals for the coming quarter.

I know this article has gotten quite lengthy, and if you’ve read this far, it shows you are serious about business and personal growth.


What would you say are your biggest takeaways from this article and what do you plan to implement?


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