I wanted to give you a tip today to make your marketing irresistible and magnetic for your prospects.

(Feel free to save this email for later. Or better yet, put it into practice TODAY for the very next piece of marketing you put out.)

The tip is this: paint a clear mental picture of how life looks like before, during, or after people use your product, program, or service.


Some call it “show, don’t tell” but the idea is the same.

➤ For example, let’s say you have a Personal Training program:

Features: “When you work with me you’ll get an exercise plan, a diet plan, and a hydration plan.”

Benefits: “When you work with me you’ll lose weight, look better, and feel better.”

Mental picture: “With my 90-day program, a 20lb-drop is totally doable. You’ll fit again in your high school jeans, and when you walk into a room, you’ll be turning heads to the point your boyfriend/girlfriend will be jealous to even take you out.”


➤ Let’s say you have a Relationship Coaching program:

Features: “Want to have weekly relationship coaching sessions with your spouse?… Check this out.”

Benefits: “Want to have a better, happier marriage?… Check this out.”

Mental Picture: “Are you arguing with your spouse more often than making love?… You might want to check this out.”


➤ Let’s say you have a Public Speaking program:

Features: “You’ll get 1-1 sessions twice a week to work on your core story.”

Benefits: “You’ll become a thought leader.”

Mental Picture: “You’ll get people lining up on the side of the stage after your presentations to know they can work with you, or just to shake your hand. Podcast hosts (even the big ones) will start sliding in your DMs on the daily trying to book you. You’ll be able to actually get featured in Forbes or Inc. magazine without paying for PR like every other ‘expert’ out there.”


I’m probably exaggerating a bit in every example but you get the point 🙂

Think of what’s the most believable “mind movie” you can play in people’s heads… And sprinkle THAT in your marketing. Thank me later.

In our case?

I could write an encyclopedia of all the ways our clients’ lives look after working with us.

In fact, marketers have ruined marketing to the point that if I told you, you prolly wouldn’t believe me anyway…

So, I’ll let them show you instead 👇


==> See how our clients’ lives look like after working with us


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”