You’re coaching 1-to-1, seeing some success and you’d love to scale, except for one problem.

There’s only one of you… and a long waiting list of clients.

Training a coach would help you scale. But that takes time and eats away your profit margins. You could raise your prices. But that just turns away people who’d make great clients.

There’s one method that lets you take on that whole waiting – without scaling your expenses. As you might have guessed, it’s called 1-to-many coaching.

Before you roll your eyes and think “my clients will never get results like that”, read on.

In this episode, you’ll discover a method that lets you spend less time juggling clients, make more money, and get better results vs 1-to-1 coaching!

Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • The “results” myth about group coaching that holds you back from 6-figure months ([1:15])
  • How to get brag-worthy results for your clients without sending extra training materials or spending more time in coaching calls ([1:31])
  • How to turn “personalized” coaching into a repeatable formula that lets your clients solve their own problems without chewing up your time ([2:46])
  • The “hybrid” method that lets you charge done-with-you prices for a do-it-yourself product ([3:26])

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