Step #1. Have an offer that can solve a big problem for a specific person (charge anywhere from $3k-$10k).

Let’s say you choose $5k (that’s a nice sweet spot)

Step #2: Have a simple 4-page client conversion system.

This is where people go after they click your ad – some would call it a “funnel” however it’s more to it than that and it’s part of the Client Attraction System we teach.

PRO TIP: Also, write a few follow-up emails for those leads that don’t convert immediately. We typically suggest starting with at least 7 emails.

Step #3: Launch your ad campaign!

Let’s say you pay $10 per lead.

You invest the $1,400.

That should get you 140 leads.

From those 140 leads…

If your messaging and offer is on point about 10% of those leads will start salivating at the mouth like a fat man hovering over a fresh out the over, homemade Red Velvet Cake and say I got to have this and schedule a call with you.

So that’s 14 people that schedule a call with you.

Out of those 14, let’s say only 7 actually show up for the call.

Yes, people schedule calls they don’t show up for – please don’t ask me why, and besides you have 7 that did show up, so let’s focus on them and let those 7 emails you wrote work on those “no showers”!

Of those 7, let’s say only 1 whip out that shiny card, read those 16 digits (15 if it’s an AMEX), and buy!

NOTE: I’m doing worst-case scenario numbers to make this super “realistic” and doable… 

That’s $5,000 you’ve made from the $1,400. 

Let’s say you rinse and repeat that once per week.

It’s only 7 calls, about 7-10 hours of work – you can do that part-time…

That will be $20k per month!

Now if you feel real froggy, jump and reinvest more than the $1,400 in ads, things can escalate very quickly…

But let’s just ease into this for now.

Now yes there are some necessary skills to make this work and if you’d like I’m willing to teach them to you for the FREE.99!

Yep, for Free (or the FREEski if you from ’round the way)!

I’ll be breaking it all down at the Client Attraction Made Easy Virtual Bootcamp and you can grab one of the free tickets we have available by simply heading over to

Aight that’s it from me for now.

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P.S. Don’t sleep and let this post go over your head. I’ve bought courses that didn’t break it down and make it this actionable.