Business is an intellectual sport, but most entrepreneurs in this game don’t

want to be bothered with thinking.

They’re just too mentally lazy to carve out the time to do it.

Problem is, you can’t win an intellectual sport by not thinking.

Instead, you’re paying the “dumb tax.”

The dumb tax doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dumb.

It just means you didn’t ask enough questions, assumed too much, didn’t think before you wrote the check.

We’ve all paid the dumb tax at some point in time, giving our money away

without putting much thought into it.

When you’re able to write your thoughts down and systemize, you can avoid

the dumb tax.

Here’s a breakdown I did at one of our 7-Figure Society Private Mastermind retreats of the 3 scoreboards you should keep track of in your business to avoid paying the dumb tax:

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