Last week someone asked a fantastic question and I wanted to answer it here openly:

“I can’t wrap my head around the prices you talk about. Why would anybody pay that kind of money (5K+) just ​for information?”

He wasn’t being rude… it was actually a genuine question.

So let’s talk about “just information.”

Imagine you’re leading an army… attacking a beachhead and your plans have been drawn up using bad intelligence.

Bad information.

Or, less dramatic, maybe…

You’re road tripping and using maps on your phone, but the information isn’t updated and so you miss an exit, get all turned around and start driving into oncoming traffic.

I could go on and list a million scenarios.

Information is POWER. And the wrong information is extremely ​costly and could be fatal to your business…

There seems to be a surplus of outdated or just plain ineffective information circling around today. Leading otherwise “astute” ​service providers / consultants / coaches down the wrong roads. Drastically delaying results.

And that’s become increasingly frustrating for me to watch and the few others *like me* who actually know what’s going on.

It’s why you should RUTHLESSLY VET and question the people you pay to help you get results.

…The ones who actually know what they’re doing, will welcome that and they’ll appreciate it as well.

It’s also why we put so much time into assimilating pages for you. I consider it one of my jobs to help you do your own due diligence…

…And some of the stories you’ll see are raw, uncut, and they even share some of the negatives of working with me (of course, one of the biggest negatives – no joke – is getting an influx of clients before you’re ​ready… good problem, but still a problem).


Information is power. Don’t ever undervalue your information, knowledge and expertise.

T​​here are tons of people searching RIGHT NOW for a solution to the problem they have and that you can solve and they are willing to pay a premium to solve it​​​…

And if you want to talk about how to rig the game in your favor – in the comment section below type ‘CAU’ and let’s talk.

To More Freedom, Revenue, and Impact,