Have you ever struggled with “charging your worth?”

To me it’s a fallacy. 

You can NEVER charge “your worth” – because it’s literally infinite.

If it’s packaged up in the right way…

You have the freedom to CHOOSE a price for your help, knowledge, and guidance to help someone…

A price will benefit both you AND them.

This is what happened to Dr. Rosche Brown:

“I’m really starting to understand my worth and my value. Understanding that all this time and experience that I have inside has a dollar amount — I’m probably not even charging enough of at this point! Right? I understand that now.

Also the practical business stuff, the practical steps. I’ve had business coaches in the past, but they didn’t give me practical steps.  I need somebody to give me some practical steps, exactly how to make this work.  And I think that was the biggest thing, And it was so simple.  I was like, oh, I can do this…  I was overthinking it.

So, I came in and at first I was a little unfocused, but then after awhile I got over that and hit the 50k mark.  I’m over six figures now!

I’ve been here just one year so I see the growth.  I have… a business.  I have a team.   I’m like… an employer, right?

I’ve only got two people on my team, but you know, in a pandemic, I’m the one who’s giving people a job.  That’s just huge.

I’m already excited about what’s going to happen next.  Oh my God!  I’m about to kill the game. ‘I am my money printer.’ That is part of my affirmations.  I print money on my own.  No need to get a stimulus check.  Let’s go.”

How about you?

Are you ready to turn your knowledge and experience into a REAL business? 

One that pays you $3k – $10k for every “customer” you have. 

It begins by dialing in your core Client Attraction System components…

  • Offer…
  • Program structure…
  • Ad strategy…
  • Email strategy…
  • Mindset…
  • Pricing… 

And so on. 

We’re handing over the WHOLE system in a single day event you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. 

Best part, you can get access to this right now!

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Don’t delay turning your REAL gifts (the ones inside your head and your heart) into a real business!


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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