My guy, Marcus Y Rosier, is one of our favorite success stories, and he’s got some words of wisdom for ya.


To give a bit of context…

We got to 10x his initial prices, gave him his own Client Attraction System…

…and now he’s CRUSHING it.

He spends his time traveling the world, investing in properties, the whole nine. 

It’s really fun to watch.

So, I asked him to share some advice for someone on the fence of working with us:

Marcus: “I would tell them to check their relationship with money.

The reason why I say that is, the average person, if you told them $10,000… they will say that’s a lot of money… but they have a car that costs more than that. And they don’t sell it or use it for Uber.

So it’s not a money thing, it’s their relationship. It’s that amount, connected to no result or no outcome.

So, what I love about you, Marquel, is that you’re a tour guide, not a travel agent.

You don’t book trips and tell someone somewhere they can end up at.

You’re right there with them. Look out for that. Look out for this. Overcome this. And the program is so phenomenal because…

… Every coach, every entrepreneur needs four things:

1) Information: someone knows something you don’t know. Something that, if you knew it, you’d make more money.

2) Strategy: They have a lot of information, but they don’t know how to apply it to consistently get a result.

3) A system: Something that’s proven that runs and gets you the same result without thought, without energy, without effort.

4) Accountability.


And you guys provide all for that.

What makes working with you so powerful is that you get information, strategy, system, and accountability.”

#micdrop 👇🏿

I almost don’t want to say anything else to not ruin what Marcus just told you there…

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