If, in ONE morning…

I offered to give you the only system required to rapidly grow your expert business, and attract clients daily, that happily pay premium princess with virtually no sales resistance…

Would you take me up on it?

>>> RSVP: The “Rapid Business Growth Blueprint” LIVE Bootcamp


When you spend a morning with me and Drae (my business partner), in our most transformational virtual event…

I guarantee! that you’ll come out:

➜ With more clarity and breakthroughs than 99.9% of the paid courses out there.

➜ Having done more in one morning than most people get done in a month (if ever.)

➜ With your own Client Attraction System mapped out end to end — offer, pricing, messaging, hooks for landing page, paid ads strategy, email strategy.

And that’s because the “Rapid Business Growth Blueprint” LIVE bootcamp is an interactive, hands-on workshop where we roll up our sleeves with you to clear any confusion or overwhelm when it comes to marketing and sales.


And, it’s not just me talking…

✔ You will get dozens of practical and transformational exercises around pricing, offers, messaging, mindset, and more.

✔ You will have time to think and strategize on the spot, with momentum.

✔ You’ll get to bring up all your questions live, and get them answered (I don’t move on until EVERY question is answered.)

This is hands down one of our most powerful events, and I genuinely know that “gurus” would call me crazy if they joined.


Because I give EVERYTHING away. I have no “secrets.”


The full blueprint of a seven-figure coaching business will be laid down on the table for you.

You’ll just have to think, adapt it to your specific business and Get. To. It.

Sound good? Then… 👇🏿

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It’s happening on April 16th, Saturday morning.

We’re already getting ready for it!

Look forward to seeing you there,


Marquel Russell

“Backpack Millionaire”