What would you do if you had to generate $5,000 in the next 7 days?

What would you do if you had to create cash flow NOW to put food on the table and provide for your family?

When you’ve got a gun to your head, you pretty quickly start figuring out ways to start bringing in those dolla dolla bills.

I call it the “fastest path to cash”.

WITHOUT any tech headaches.

WITHOUT hyping yourself up about whether or not you’re good enough to do this.

WITHOUT spending 6 months creating the “perfect” product or sales funnel.

When you have to create cash on demand… you have to get rid of all the extra crap.

Especially the mental crap

The fastest path to cash almost always requires you to focus on LESS.

Not more.

I call this “Straight-Line Success”.

Always looking for the most elegant, straight-line solution.

Because the simplest solution is almost always the best.

As entrepreneurs, we often overcomplicate things.

We put obstacles in our way without even realizing it.

We setup all sorts of pre-conditions that we must reach BEFORE we do something.

Before we achieve a goal.

Needless obstacles between YOU and the end-result.

For example, we tell ourselves that we must create a lower-priced product before we release a high-ticket offer. 

NOT true at all.

We tell ourselves we must research and study “just a little bit more” before we launch our offer.

Guess what?

You’ll never “feel” ready. Best to just go out and do it!

We tell ourselves that we’re not good enough. Or we’re just not quite ready.

We need to get one more certification. Go through one more course. Watch one more webinar. Get your website and branding just right.


Also NOT true.

You don’t need anymore information. Or certificates. Or someone to grant you as “worthy”. 

What you need is much simpler.

It’s 2 things…

#1. A specific, time tested and proven strategy! If you’re ready to get unstuck and get to $10k or more per month fast, schedule a call using the link in the comment section below and let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together (we’re only taking on a few more clients this month, so don’t procrastinate).

#2. It’s ACTION. Less reading. More DOING. Just some good ‘ol elbow grease.

Don’t feel ready?

Take the next required action anyways! That’s how you get from Point A to Point B.

The ONLY way in fact. You will never “feel” good enough. And there will never be a perfect time to start.

I had a conversation with a young lady the other day and she said, “I don’t think it’s the right time right now!”

When she said that, I thought to myself, “What’s a better time to move forward to accomplishing your goals than NOW?

But eh, that’s her business. I’m not here to persuade or convince anyone ***Kanye shrug***​​

​​Sadly, she’ll probably be in the same place(or worse), next year simply because she’s waiting on the “right time!”

NEWS FLASH: It’s never the RIGHT TIME!

What increases confidence is taking the action itself. Counter-intuitive but something I’ve found to be true in my own life over and over again.

What sort of lies are you telling yourself that are getting in the way of your success?

Coaching has been a huge help for me, getting me unstuck and insanely profitable and that’s why I always have a paid coach that I’m working with.

Regardless if you book a call and work with me or not…

Look for the straight-line solution this year. The solution that will create the fastest path to cash.

Instead of zig-zagging your way to success. GO straight for what you want. Straight for the end-result.

We all know that the shortest path from A to B is a straight line. That’s also the fastest path to getting what you want out of business.

​Whether that’s doing your first webinar.

Launching a high-ticket product.

Starting your first Facebook Ad campaign.

Or anything else.

You ALREADY have enough information.

You may just be missing the exact step by step plan.

​​​Go out and take the ACTION.

That’s the fastest path to your desired results.



To More Freedom, More Profits, And Impact

Marquel Russell