You’ve probably heard online about all these crazy coins with crazy overnight growth, right?

Get on Shiba, get on Doge, this NFT is the next CryptoPunk, and all that.

Now, I’m not going to advise against investing on those — in fact, this is NOT investment advice lol — but I will say this…

At least MATCH whatever you put on those coins ALSO into ads.

Sure, you can get 10x overnight if you get lucky getting in on some coin at the right time… but you don’t control it.

However, you CAN control how your ads convert.

You CAN control how your landing page converts.

You CAN control how your sales script works.

So again, have fun with crypto, see if you get lucky with a bullish coin if you want, but ALSO don’t get your eyes off the target.

Invest in yourself!

Done right, you can see 2x, 4x, 10x your investment as well;)

To More Freedom, Profits, and Impact, 


Marquel Russell

King of Client Attraction