Allow me to share a quick story with you about the Delusional Entrepreneur(we’ll call them D.E. to protect the guilty)…

So one day not long ago, D.E. got really fed up with making less money than they were making and working a job they weren’t fulfilled with…

They knew they were worth so much more and knew they had the potential to do so much more and create a lifestyle their family deserved.

So one night while their kids and spouse were in bed, they found themselves online searching for a way to actually make money online.

During this search, they started seeing people doing tours of mansions, doing videos in their exotic car-filled garage and talking about how they make millions by simply clicking a button while sitting on the beach with their toes in the warm sand​.

D.E. was excited about the possibilities and wondered if it was really possible, so without even realizing it, they clicked the “buy now” button and bought this $20 ebook that had the promise of making millions of dollars.

D.E. quickly became a card carrying member of a class full of people who wanted to do as little work as humanly possible and get rich quick by somehow “hacking the system.”

D.E. isn’t 100% to blame though, because the “internet gurus” were very clever in their way of crafting marketing that conveyed an image of riches untold without putting in much effort and just simply buying their $20 ebook or $97 course.

Fast forward a few years, D.E., is still holding on to this mythical dream of FINALLY building a 6-Figure business by putting together the pieces to the puzzle on their own (they’ve even invested money in a pretty website that hasn’t made them any money).​​

They’re still WOWed by the stories of the “gurus” however their friends and families are not impressed nor sold on this vision and they are regularly called stupid and other colorful words.

One day they finally realize that there is no course or software that’s going to be the answer to their problems…

…they started to see that everyone who’s ever built a 6 or

​7-Figure online business has invested in a coach.

So what does D.E. do?

YEP, you guessed it! They seek out a coach, schedule a call to have a conversation about getting coached because they’re really getting frustrated with figuring this stuff out on their own.

During this call three things happen…

  1. They get extremely excited because they see that this person can actually help them accomplish their goals.
  2. They ask how much it’s going to cost to get started and the person tells them.
  3. D.E. freezes like a deer in headlights out of fear because they think the price is too high, but not taking into the consideration the price they’ve already paid over the years.

The price of buying courses and softwares they don’t need, attending webinars and events that provided zero value, the frustration of seeming like they’re running on a hamster wheel and the time they can’t get back.

They came to the call thinking they’d be able to get coaching to build a 6-Figure business for a few hundred bucks ($997 max).

SIDE NOTE: If a coach says they will PERSONALLY coach you to get to 6-Figures or more for less than $3,000, do yourself a favor and run like a postal worker getting chased by a pit bull that’s foaming at the mouth., because they don’t value their time and so they won’t value yours either.

So what do they do?

They say “let me think about it” or “I have to speak with my spouse” or any other thing that gives them an out to get off the phone and not make a decision.

D.E. doesn’t realize that they actually just made a decision and that decision was to stay exactly where they are.

It’s sad, but it happens everyday and it kinda breaks my heart when I have conversations with these people because history has shown that 99.99999% of the time, in the next 12 months…

They will either be still stuck in that same downward spiral or they will have just given up on the dream all together and will say things like “the internet thing just doesn’t work.”


To More Profit, Freedom & Impact,

Marquel Russell