I’ve been telling people for a while now that the Perfect business for ANYONE to start and get to $20k Per Month FAST, is a coaching business…

…and I want to share an example that really drives this point home!

In this email you’ll discover our stupid easy 2-step pivot’ approach (which, if you’re a coach or consultant, you’ll want to listen very closely because this content could TRIPLE your business overnight).

But first, why coaching?

In a word: C A S H

Just think about someone who owns several  ‘brick and mortar’ businesses locally(we’ll call them Erin)​.

(**Side Note: This is a real situation, just keeping characters anonymous ​so sit up and pay close attention)​​​

Erin’s quite successful, to the tune of probably 8-9 milli or so a year in revenues.

We help Erin bolt on some coaching to the brick n mortar and in about 30 days Erin collects about 45k from it.

Now to a someone running 8 milli a year in revenues, that doesn’t *sound* like a lot…

But you can’t stop there.

Let’s do the math.

8 milli a year is roughly, let’s just call it 700k per month. 20(ish) locations and likely 50-70 employees…

That’s going to run a few hundred grand (let’s say 400k) in payroll and close to 80k in rent for the locations…

On top of that you’ve got the nasty 4 letter word:


Yep, to get into most business you have to have SIGNIFICANT capital.

Most people put that on credit (you have operating expenses

and fees & licensing costs and blah blah blah).

So after debt (let’s say that’s 30k/mo) you’re up to 510k in

monthly expenses.

But let’s keep going.

Advertising & costs of doing business. For Erin’s business

the cost of doing business is worked into the revenues but it

still comes off the top line revenue, let’s ballpark it at 50k

which might be a tad on the low end but let’s go with it…

We’re up to 560k in expenses…

So we’re down to just 140k cash in the bank once it’s all over.

Which might seem like a lot but keep in mind this is a LOT of

years building up to this. You do NOT have 20 locations


If you divide the revenue by 20 locations, you’ve got roughly

$35k per location in revenue.

And you’re spending 80% of that on overhead and expenses

before you even get to keep the cash.

You can see why Erin was ECSTATIC about 45k in 30ish

days doing a virtual coaching business.

100% straight cash. No overhead. No expenses… just the moolah baby.

2 steps to launching or growing a coaching business

– tune your offer and make sure it’s amazing (we can help with that)

If you’d like us to, then let’s schedule a call (I’ll drop a link in the comment section below for you to schedule it).

– sell it to the people who want help with what you can do (we’re really good at this, so if you’d like our assistance, let’s talk).

That’s it!

Listen, coaching is amazing. The bottom line though, is that if you want to build a truly great business serving clients you care about, our system might be perfect for you.

If you want to know how to automate the process of attracting your dream clients and get them amazing results​, we’d love to have a call with you to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

If you like to see proof, visit www.TheWallOfProof.com to see a ton of it (and we update this page weekly with new success stories)​​​​

To more profit, freedom, and impact,