On January 16, 2013 I got dropped off in front of the Secretary of State building (214 State Capitol) to register my LLC…

I named it Global Wealth Firm for two reasons:

#1: I knew it was going to be global

#2. I knew it was not only going to be a vehicle to be wealthy for my family currently and for 1,000s of generations to come…

…I knew it would be a vehicle for others to do the same!

I then got an EIN (that was Free) and got a business bank account (with a little more than enough to open the account).

I had big vision and unshakeable faith though  🙂 

I had been through the worst and overcome insurmountable odds…

And my biggest goal was to make $10k per month!

Fast forward 8 years, 5 months, 21 days we’ve know built  a company that:

Has helped coaches, consultants and services generate over $250 Million in revenue (conservatively speaking) and have had clients in every English speaking country on the planet.

We’ve grown a team of over 30 people with World Class A-Players…

All across the U.S. 

South Africa

In Canada

West Africa


The Philippines

…and even Croatia


Now I’m gonna keep it a stack  💯  ❌  💯 

As the great Langston Hughes wrote…

“Life for me ain’t been know crystal stair!”

Every weapon that could’ve formed this last 8 years, 5 months, 21 days formed (all the way down to me losing my mom and my brotha, Redd)…

…however they didn’t prosper!

I committed (and still commit) to “persist until I succeed,” as one of the scrolls in OG Mandino’s book  📖 , “The Greatest Salesman In The World” put it and the exciting thing is we’re just getting warmed up and I haven’t even cracked the surface on my potential!

P.S. That is Mj in the pic (he’ll be 8 in 12 days)!


P.S.S. That was my library then and now It’s multiplied to the point where my Queen said we have to have a “library” room when we move.

As my library  📚   grew…I grew and my income grew!

I can’t say it enough….

Books  📚   are the Cheat Code to life!