“Work for the city.”

“Put in long hours and hope you get a raise.”

“Don’t miss a day. Work overtime.”

“Sacrifice family time NOW to be rich LATER.”

“Put your money into stocks & bonds.”

“Retire at 65.”

I can’t be the only one who’s heard advice like this before? 


EVERYONE who hands out this advice seems to be MISERABLE at their jobs…

And they seem to have LESS money now than ever before…


Why is it considered “good advice”?

I’d say it’s BAD advice!


See the problem with this?

If you do what everyone else does… 

You get what everyone else gets…

That’s why the average person only makes about 45k/yr if they’re lucky. 

Because everyone’s swimming in the same circle.

And it’s the SAME THING when it comes to growing an expert business.  

If you’re doing what everyone else is doing right now… 

THAT is why you’re struggling to get results. 

Because everyone’s following the same BAD advice. 

Want some GOOD advice instead?





Swim in the opposite direction to everyone else. 

Especially when it comes to growing your expert business. 

Most people are posting non-stop on social media…

…chasing down prospects…

And hopping on every sales call they can put in their calendar right now.

But our people?

They’re spending HALF the time in their business…

ATTRACTING their dream clients who end up BEGGING to work with them…

And scalin’ their business to 6-figures+

Sounds like good advice to me:-)


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”

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