You can have the perfect funnel, pick the ideal target and put out great content… but that only counts for 10% of your success. Without this one ingredient, all your efforts just lose you money.

What accounts for the other 90% of your success?

A great offer!

If you have the wrong offer, or it’s positioned wrong, you won’t convert traffic into leads… and you certainly won’t convert leads into clients!

Want to discover how to build client-winning offers? Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • The key ingredient of your business that decides 90% of your client-getting potential… it’s more important than your targeting, your funnel… or even your social media content ([1:07])
  • Your offer and your service are not the same thing! Know the difference to attract clients instead of chasing them away ([1:27])
  • The two types of offer you need to ensure people who don’t know you rapidly become clients who pay you $3,000 or more for your service ([1:31])
  • Why you should position your paid offer as the “logical next step”… it’s so powerful that people will feel stupid to say no! ([2:05])

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