As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly looking for new ways to get an edge. New software, tools, strategies…

Truth is, none of that matters. Because as this episode proves, even an 8 year old can understand the principles of a 7-figure business.

Today’s guest is MJ – Marquel Russell Jr. He’s only 8, but already building his T-shirt empire. And the wisdom he drops in this episode is what you’d expect from a 7-figure entrepreneur.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to develop unshakeable belief in yourself, push through the hard times and make more sales – even without fancy tools and tactics!

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • Why hanging around pessimists ruins your chances of business success ([2:29])
  • How to spot the “cheerleaders” who accelerate your journey to 7 figures ([2:37])
  • The “believer” mindset that lets you push to new profit records (even when sales are down and it looks like your business will go bankrupt) ([2:46])
  • Why “DIY” is the most expensive way to do business ([3:22])
  • Develop multi-millionaire confidence with nothing but a bathroom mirror and some faith ([4:13])

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