As we head into 2022, many of us are looking to hit new growth records. 

But year over year, a small number of mistakes hold coaches and consultants back. Make them and the rest of your efforts will go to waste. 

In this episode, I list the top 7 mistakes and show you not only how to identify them, but also how to overcome them and prosper. 

Listen now to make 2022 your most successful year so far!


Show highlights include: 

  • The invisible barrier that’s blocking you from earning millions every year. Remove it and watch your business growth explode! ([2:10])
  • You, Chick Fil-A, McDonalds and Walmart are in the same business. Knowing this lets you dominate your market ([13:33])
  • How to predict the success of your ad campaign (or even your whole business) in 3 seconds or less ([21:03])
  • How to become invulnerable to social media shutdowns and algorithm changes, and turn on clockwork profits instead ([29:31])
  • The easiest way to “feed the algorithm” so that social media platforms showcase you to your prospects every time ([30:56])
  • How you can buy 10,000 hours of experience and effortlessly shortcut your learning curve, no matter the skill ([33:18])


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