Are you in a “competitive” market?

Do you struggle to stand out in a crowd of providers that seem similar to you?

Let me give you 5 ingredients to turn your business competition-proof:


An authentic personality.

No one can be more you than yourself, right? When presented with similar options, people will choose the one that they simply LIKE more than the others.

That’s why “genuine marketing” is so important. People need to know your why, your world view, your personality. That will also attract clients that you also like as people.

So, let your full self be felt in the world, and let people deal with it.


➋ Network Effect.

This basically means that the more players in a network, the better the network gets.

E.g. the more drivers Uber has, the more useful the platform gets. The more people booking rides on Uber, the more profitable it becomes for drivers to be on the platform, which in turn drives more users in, which in turn drives more drivers in, and so on.

In our case, we use a marketing “network effect.” The more clients we get, the more testimonials we get, the more we use those testimonials in our marketing, which drives in more clients, which gets us more testimonials, which… make sense?

Having Your Own Secret Sauce.

People may look at your marketing and try to copy it, say what you say, do what (they think) you do, and “compete” with you.

But when you have a secret sauce, they will inevitably fail, because what keeps the business running is not the frontend… it’s actually the secret sauce.

In our case, ANYONE can “funnel hack” us and I almost guarantee they’ll fail. It’s what people CAN’T see that makes it all work.


“Delighting people on table 1.”

This is from Seth Godin who explains it with the analogy of a restaurant.

A restaurant can have all the marketing plans in the world, the retro lights, the designer furniture,  the pretty IG feed, the fancy menu…

But if they don’t delight that couple on table 1?… That couple won’t come back. They will tell their friends to not come either, and it’ll be all for naught.

So, delighting EVERY customer is absolutely key.



I’ve said this before.

“If you want to impress people, you make things seem complicated. If you want to help them, you make it simple.”

The goal for every coach and consultant out there should be to HELP their clients, which is why SIMPLIFYING the path towards results is critical.

And this can also be your secret sauce too. You can be THE one that made the whole process simple and “fail proof” for people who want a certain outcome.

Speaking of which…

If you want us to help you put all these ingredients together (and many more that I left out)…

… And do it with a process that’s so SIMPLE that most people actually don’t realize how complicated it is.

We just stripped all the fluff and give ONLY what works


==> Come try our secret sauce:)

Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”