RJ Verwayne went from almost burnout to having plenty of time and money to enjoy life (even escape to the Maldives, or just watch TV with the kids)

But I want to give you a bit of her backstory, in her own words:

“I’ll just start by saying: I love what I do.

I was doing a whole, a whole, whole lot. As a psychologist, the one-on-one work can really burn you out.

I was exhausted. I was working with clients who I didn’t necessarily want to work with. I was drained and not making the revenue or money that I knew that I should be making.

Even though I was operating in my zone of excellence, CAU took me to a point of genius.

Right. I was trying to think about what’s the difference? 

So I’m a first generation college graduate. I’m a first generation, everything, in my family. I’m the go-to person for them and all that. So I’m like ‘all right, I’m already dope… but something’s missing.’

And let me tell you, CAU was what was missing. It has really allowed me to operate in a realm of genius. Something that I didn’t even realize I could do.

I’m seeing numbers I’ve never seen before. I was sitting exactly where you are back in may 2021, and on top of my regular salary I’ve earned an additional $47,500. All because of CAU. And I’m working with clients who I want to work with, and I’m not exhausted as you can see:)”

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Now, tell me… would you take an extra $47k on TOP of your salary? Working LESS, and with clients you actually like?

Obviously, not a “promise” of results. Your situation will be different, but if you’d like a blueprint where that’s even possible… then go ahead and tap below 👇🏿

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