Here are 3 steps you need to do right now, if you want to constantly spin your wheels, make client attraction as easy as pulling teeth, and earn less than what you should.


Step 1: Try to help anybody with… anything mildly related to what you know.

Know finances? Look for clients that need help with retirement funds, credit score, clearing debt, refinancing a home, getting a personal loan, budgeting… all of them.

Target everybody. They should all need your help right?

Personal trainer? Look for new moms to help them get back in shape, executives that want to stay fit while busy, people who want to get started on bodybuilding… all of them.

If you want to spin your wheels, don’t skip step 1!


Step 2: Make sure your messaging stays generic and broad.

Matter fact, you can copy-paste the above into a post.

“I help anyone with anything related to finances. DM me for deets!”

Trust me, if you want to make client attraction as easy as pulling teeth, don’t skip step 2!


Step 3: Charge as little as you can to “stay competitive” and not lose any sales.

This is critical if you want to earn less than you could and should.

See what the competition is doing and charge less, or charge hourly… in fact, make sure you tie your time tightly to your income.

And voila…

In three simple steps you have a perfectly capable, prepared, intelligent, gifted, ambitious, otherwise abundant, coach or consultant…

Burnt, frustrated, and lost.

Ok, enough with the irony. Obviously, don’t do that:)

Three key elements of a profitable coaching and consulting business are:

➤ Get in front of a pocket of people with a specific need that you can solve (and who can pay you for it.)

➤ Make it crystal clear in your messaging that you KNOW they have that specific need, and that you know how to solve it for them.

➤ Design a program and price accordingly for you to work with the best clients, and get them great results.


Left to your own means it may take you years to figure out and polish everything until it all ‘clicks’ — audience, message, price, offer — and your business can explode.

Or you can take a SHORTCUT and get it all in one day 👇

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Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”