When people get on FB and IG, they don’t come to purchase products.

They come to look at baby pictures, cat videos, interesting stories, conspiracy theories, celebrity gossip or whatever entertainment they like.

That said, if you’re showing them something that looks like an ad, you probably won’t gain their attention.

In fact, the algorithms may not let you land in your prospect’s newsfeed at all.

So, how do you guarantee that you show up in newsfeeds and capture the attention of your prospect? Follow these three secrets:

  1. Make sure your ad doesn’t look like an ad. Don’t do any gimmicky marketing that calls people out with words such as, Attention.
  2. Use story-based messaging. People come to social media for stories and to connect with people, so make sure you’re delivering a personable story.
  3. Avoid stock photos and super-polished videos. Don’t try and use a film crew or high-quality stock images in your marketing. People want to see raw images that look native to the platform, so post your quality
    photos instead.

Make sense?

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