I’m a huge fan of Jim Rohn, and I first started following his teachings many years ago when I was looking to grow a network marketing business I was into at the time.

I’ve probably made one thousand 💵 from every word I listened to and applied, so here are 3 quotes from him, with a valuable lesson from each:


Lesson #1: “Profits are better than wages.”

Most coaches and consultants are doing hourly wage-style activities every day. They also tend to bury themselves with menial tasks that could be outsourced. Try focusing on high-profit activities that will move the revenue needle instead.

Lesson #2: “Don’t ask for things to get easier. Ask for you to get better.”

Remember don’t just read this. Do the action and ASK.

It’s been said that the quality of your questions determines the quality of your life and business. So ask yourself out loud “How can I get better at [the thing you need to improve]?” and listen intently to what answers you come up with.

If you want a pro tip, half of the battle towards getting better is just showing up. Most can’t even do THAT.

Lesson #3: “Never spend the whole dollar.”

Don’t spend your last dimes on anything. Set up Jim Rohn’s 10-30-30-30 system instead:

10% for tithing or giving.

30% for investing.

30% for business.

30% goes into your pocket.

To more profit, freedom & impact,


Marquel Russell

“King of Client Attraction”