Top 7 Reasons Why People Don’t Focus

MLM-FocusThe lack of focus is the #1 issue that prevents people(especially Entrepreneurs) from reaching their goals. I spend more time training Entrepreneurs to focus their energies than any other activity. As a Business Coach, I can help you attract customers, create a website/blog, build a team, develop a strategy or several other marketing activities but if I can’t help you focus it’s all irrelevant.

 Let’s examine why people can’t seem to focus on one project and why it’s become an Epidemic. Everywhere I turn, I see people with great ideas and organizations that begin to unravel because they lose the ability to stay present to their most important activities and I’ve discovered the Top 7 Reasons Why People Don’t Focus and how to fix this issue….

So let’s get into it.

Top 7 Reasons Why People Don’t Focus

1. Lack of Training:

They were never taught how to focus their time, money and business relationships toward one activity. Their role models were constantly juggling several projects therefore this became the norm for them.

2. The Beginners Syndrome:

Have you ever built an organization from zero to a million dollars in sales? If you have never done it personally or have trusted advisors who have reached that goal then you are constantly searching for the next big idea and never realizing that you already have what it takes to be successful.

3. An Addiction to Struggle:

 Now this concept is truly amazing. People who claim they want to reach a goal are addicted to the process of achieving the goal but never truly want the goal because they would no longer have the struggle of pursuing the goal. (That was a mouthful, right? 😀 ) Their self-identity has become wrapped up in “the struggle.” With just one yard to the touchdown they self-destruct and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

4. Low Self-Esteem:

Do you really love yourself? I love being a Young, Black man in the wilderness of North America. Yes, it can be challenging at times. But I AM called to be an agent of change and be a shining Light to those that are still lost in Darkness. Given your situation, can you say something similar? Look yourself in the mirror today and say … I Love You!

5. The Appearance of Progress:

You don’t have to be at every award show and be seen by all the VIPs. Quiet work that seeks no recognition is the most pleasurable and fruitful.

6. No Plan: 

“If you Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail!” People who lack focus are constantly searching for the next step. Booker T. Washington reminds us that, “Success Leaves Clues.” Your only job is to learn from others and implement without holding any assumptions.

7. Inability to Be Still:

Take a deep breath. How did that feel? That’s the Real You. Release your claim to the rushed and breathless life. Remember to breathe! Life will become Richer.

There was no marketing or lead generation training today, because without FOCUS, none of that stuff will be helpful for you anyway.

I hope you can recognize the above symptoms in yourself and begin to take corrective action.

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