Entrepreneurship Empowerment- The Life Blood of The World’s Economy

entrepreneurship empowermentEntrepreneurship empowerment is more critical now than ever. With the record breaking unemployment rate, should be retiring baby boomers having to go back to work and the large number of college graduates not able to find jobs, the only way to rebuild our world’s economy is to put more focus on developing Entrepreneurial Leaders.

Why Entrepreneurship Empowerment?

I have ca full article called, “Why Entrepreneurship,” that I drive the point home, so for now I’m just going to say that I’m very passionate about the subject of, entrepreneurship empowerment because I’m a life long entrepreneur and  a living testament that know man or woman actually NEEDS A JOB and while everyone is depending on President Barack Obama to create jobs, what they should be doing is taking responsibility for helping  the economy by creating a job for themselves and others.

I think we have forgotten what the late JFK said so eloquently, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”

The History of Entrepreneurship Empowerment

The World’s economy has always thrived off entrepreneurs that stepped out on Faith, followed their Dreams and started businesses, that turned into huge empires that created hundreds even millions of jobs for individuals around the world.

Just to name a few entrepreneurs that we are all familiar with: 

·        Bob Johnson-Founder of BET

·        Earl Graves-Founder of Black Enterprise Magazine

·        Henry Ford-Founder of Ford Motors

·        William Crapo “Billy” Durant-Founder of General Motors &Chevrolet

·        Russell Simmons-Co-Founder of Def Jam Records

·        Conrad Hilton-Founder of Hilton & The Doubletree

·        Sam Walton-Founder of Wal-Mart & Sam’s Club

        The point is that if not for Entrepreneurship Empowerment you may not even have a job right now!

Entrepreneurship Empowerment Today

Today, now more than ever, we need to fight to have entrepreneurship empowerment incorporated into the school system because we all are programmed to be employees growing up so we subconsciously limit ourselves for the infinite opportunities around us and we’re setting our youth up for the samething. I cover this in detail in my book, “Breaking The Cycle.”

The majority of the population wake up everyday and got to a job that they Hate instead of living their God Given Purpose and doing something that they enjoy doing. All of the beautiful resorts, exotic islands and vacation getaways were created for us to enjoy in Abundance so why is it that only a small percentage of people ever get to?

The Core of Entrepreneurship Empowerment

The #1 reason is that they don’t have an Abundance Mindset. Wealth begins internally. Before you can ever become a billionaire, at some point you have to first begin to feel like a billionaire(I added Billionaire because I feel like a Billion is the New Million!) The mindset is the core of entrepreneurship empowerment because being an entrepreneur is a complete paradigm shift, and sometimes that shift may take sometime so be patient, stay present and enjoy the journey.

I want to close with the another vital reason that very few people ever get to live the life of their dreams and that reason is that they have been sold the idea that the keys to building wealth is “Go to Work, Go to College, Graduate, Get a GOOD Job.” As you can see above that today that method isn’t even an option anymore, so what do we do?

An Entrepreneur’s Dream Business 

Throughout my journey the easiest way that I have found to build wealth and enjoy life at the sametime is with a home based business or network marketing. You can earn an unlimited residual income that is willable to your family(if need be), you can leverage the efforts of others and you can build a global business all from the comfort of your home. 

Not to mention, this industry has created more millionaires than any other industry in the world.

This is truly the business model of my dreams and is the only industry that’s growing in spite of the down economy. Somebody Has to Be A Millionaire! Why Not You? Click here to learn more about the business that has allowed me to live the life of my Dreams.

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entrepreneurship empowermentTo Your Infinite Success & Eternal Abundance,

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