The ONLY Tools Required To Build A 6-Figure Online Business

Online Marketing Tools

In the world of online marketing it seems like there’s soooooooo many tools that you MUST HAVE if you’re gonna create a profitable online business (or even to grow that business to 6-Figures). And the “Gurus” aren’t ANY help because they’re always coming out with some new tool that you “must have” but it’s actually…

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179: Jesse Jameson On How He’d Made $30k In 30 Days

Jesse Jameson

Are you serious about being a successful entrepreneur and building a business you love? Jesse Jameson has 15 years of Internet Marketing experience. He has worked with and coached some of today’s top Internet marketers. His particular area of expertise is as a Strategic Social Marketing Consultant; helping companies to leverage the demographic and psychographic…

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7 Second Trick To Easily Make More Sales

7 Second Trick To Make More Sales

Would you like a 7 second trick to easily make more sales? I just left the bank and was inspired to share this simple strategy with you. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling coaching, info products, network marketing opportunities, affiliate programs, software or whatever…it works 100% of the time!! I just made you a short…

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Snapchat Marketing – Two Reasons To Stay Away From Snapchat

Have you seen all the hype online about Snapchat? Are you using Snapchat marketing for your business or are considering it? In this short article, I’m going to share WHY Snapchat could be a complete waste of your time and I’m also going to share two reasons to stay away from Snapchat. What Exactly Is…

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How The “1% Rule” Will Make Your Success Automatic

The 1% Rule

Would you like a simple strategy to assist you with making it easier to create success in all areas of your life? I call it “The 1% Rule” and I’ve used it to go from ZERO to building a Multiple 6-Figure business… I’ve used it to lose 14 pounds in the last 30 days and…

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My NEW Daily Success Routine

Daily Success Routine

A question I’m often asked is “Marquel, what is your Daily Routine?” That’s a GREAT question and it’s a question that I ask many successful entrepreneurs. Although my Daily Success Routine is still the same(for the most part), it has been refined as of recently, and in this blog post I’m going to reveal EVERYTHING! But…

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How To Beat The Online “Gurus” (even if you’re a Newbie)

How To Beat The Online Gurus

Many times the online “Gurus” are looked at as Superhuman. It looks like they have the market cornered and people wonder if it’s even possible to penetrate the market because they don’t see themselves are a “GURU” because they haven’t made a certain amount of money… I was there before, so I totally get it,…

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Three BIG Social Media Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Are Making

Social Media Marketing

Social media isn’t going anywhere and while there are some entrepreneurs who truly understand the massive opportunity in using social media to grow their businesses and brands, the LARGE majority of entrepreneurs still have no clue how it all works (even though they THINK they do). I could go on a full blown rant or…

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Three Secrets To Maximize Your Time For Maximum Profit

Productivity Secrets

Too many people think that in order to make more money, they have to work harder, and that’s just so far from the truth. What’s the difference in people like the Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Tyler Perry and Mark Zuckerberg’s of the world who make BILLIONS of dollars and those that struggle to crack the…

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[Confession] My Unfair Advantage and How It Will Help YOU!!

My UNfair Advantage Revealed

While in the gym this morning out of no where it hit me!! I realized my Unfair Advantage! Now this wasn’t the first time I thought about this, but this is the first time I shared it and I think it’s REALLY gonna help you create more success FASTER in your business and life. WARNING:…

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